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Kayli Freund

Kayli Freund

I've always known what I wanted to do, but not where to go. The second I walked into Elite I was sold. They are completely different than the rest. You walk in and you feel like you're walking into your own family's home. They are comforting, sweet, and care about your questions and concerns.


I never knew I could get so attached to the Hallgrimson family. They were not only my teachers for 11 months but also my family and best friends. They have taught me everything I know from formulating a color to doing the perfect haircut and I couldn't be happier attending their school.


The second I was nervous they held my hand and walked me through step by step. Elite's not only the best Beauty School around, they're the best family I've ever had and I'm so proud to say I went to Elite. I mean, we all know it's sweet to be ELITE!



Whitney Nhor

Elite School of Beauty was so warm and welcoming when I first walked in the doors to tour the school! Debbie made me feel very welcomed, which was one of the many reasons why I chose to go there. You feel at home more than anything while attending, which is what I loved!

Ashley is an amazing teacher, and helped me grow into the stylist I am today! She was always there for me when I needed help with state board preperation. She would take time on her days off to help all the students for state board prep, which I am very thankful for.


Kaile helped me become more confident as a stylist. She was always there when I became flustered and I loved our Tuesday monring theory classes. She taught us so many new things and techniques from foiling hair, to how to shape for eye brow waxing! Debbie and Nicole were there for me always, if I needed help with color mixing or help with a haircut they were right by my side! They taught me many tricks that I will always use as a hairstylist. 

The relationships I have made with all of the instructors I will cherish for a lifetime! Each and every one of them are truly amazing, and I cannot thank them enough for who I have become today as a hairstylist! My journey in school was nothing short of amazing! I have gotten a full time job within the first six months I was licensed! Without their help I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today. Thank you all for giving me the best experience in my journey to become a hairstylist!

The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It!


Experience of a Lifetime

Here's what students are saying about Elite...

Molly Miles Hickman

It’s Sweet to be Elite!


Elite School of Beauty is the place to go for aspiring hair stylists! I was in their third starting class when the school opened in 2011. I knew I had found the cosmetology school for me when I walked in for a tour and was warmly welcomed by Nicole and Debbie Hallgrimson. They were so excited to show me around the school and what it had to offer. The school is so stylish and decorated so cute!


I started in August and could not wait for my first day! Ashley Hasselbach was so passionate about teaching and made everything so much fun to learn. Every section we learned was so interesting and hands on, which is very important for hairstylists, who tend to be very visual learners. Once I was out on the floor, Debbie and Nicole were always there for any question I had and really helped me to learn amazing techniques in cutting, coloring and styling! I loved going in everyday because it was like working in a real salon, not just going to school. We had so many fun things going on from little girl Princess Parties, barbeques, random potlucks and fun speakers!


Ashley was awesome on helping us prepare for our state board testing. She set aside her Mondays to come in and have us do complete run-throughs to practice. I was sad when it was my turn to graduate because I did not want to leave the amazing mother/daughter duo, but they were both so supportive of me! I am now at an amazing salon in East Vancouver called Verbena. I am very thankful for the Hallgrimson’s and Elite School of Beauty for helping me to be so successful today! They helped prepare us for searching for a job after school by helping us work on our resumes, and teaching us what is proper to wear, talk about and say when interviewing for stylist positions! They care about each of their students like they are a part of their amazing family. It’s a great feeling walking in somewhere and knowing you are appreciated and have a great support system that wants you to be successful! It’s now almost two years later and I am doing very well in the industry and I owe it in large part to them! I love going back to Elite to see how it’s grown.


 Elite School of Beauty is Truly the Best Cosmetology School anybody could Attend!

Christei Agee-Lindsley

Finally in a Career I Love!


Since I graduated high school I always wanted to be a cosmetologist, but then life happens and that dream got pushed aside, but never left my thoughts.


As I approached 40, I realized I had come to a point in life where I could achieve my dream of becoming a hair stylist.


In 2012, I enrolled in Elite school of Beauty. It was the best choice in schools I could have made. The instructors care deeply and encourage students each day along their journey.  


I graduated there within a year and am now happily employed at a salon in the Vancouver area. Best of all, I am finally in a career I love and I know my education at Elite helped get me to this point.

Kyliegh Van Valey

I Never Imagined I could Learn so much

about this Industry in just One Year!


I couldn't be happier that I chose Elite to pursue my cosmetology career. I am so thankful for the school and all the instructors, who were always helpful and encouraging!


With the help from the instructors at Elite, I was able to get my license and not even a month later, am in a salon and started my own business! You get out of this industry what you put in and Elite taught me...


If you Work Hard and Always Stay Positive, You Can Go Far!

Lauren Carey

Thrilled at how Easy it was to get my Oregon License!


The moment that Elite School of Beauty opened, I knew it was where I was going to start my dream. Ever since I was a little girl, I had always wanted to do hair. Elite helped me accomplish that goal. I was enrolled in the first class that attended Elite and I couldn't be more proud. I can speak for every girl who started that day in saying we were all very nervous. Debbie and Nicole welcomed us as if we were apart of the Elite family. From day one, they were so helpful and caring. My journey through beauty school was so much fun. Ashley, the Freshman teacher, is so knowledgable and taught me everything I needed to know. Everyone who attends beauty school fears the anticipated state board testing at the end. Ashley helped me through everything step by step, and I passed with flying colors. I could never have done it without the fabulous Elite School of Beauty team.


During beauty school, I learned so much. Not only did I learn everything there is to know about cosmetology, but also a lot about myself. I live in Oregon, and shortly after receiving my Washington cosmetology license, Debbie helped me set up my state board testing in Oregon. I was thrilled at how easy it was to get my Oregon license! I am currently now working at Bishops Cuts and Colors in Gresham, OR. Although I love my job, I miss beauty school everyday! It was so much fun to spend that time of my life with all of the students and staff. We definitely became one big family. We bonded in class, out on the clinic floor, and during every party and potluck! I had the time of my life at Elite and I would do it all over again if I could! I highly recommend Elite School of Beauty and want everyone who attends that school to not take for granted their precious time in school!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jennifer R. Burton

I Created my Future Thanks to Elite School of Beauty!


Attending Elite School of Beauty was one of the best experiences of my life. Their competent instructors were not only vital to developing skills, but allowed me to feel safe and confident while learning an amazing craft.


I graduated and was immediately accepted as an apprentice where my advanced skills definitely helped set me apart. Shortly after, I found a lovely salon to make my home.  


I would highly recommend this school. I feel in life you only get what you put into things; however at Elite, I gave 100% and got 110% back!