About Us

In 2011, mother and daughter team, Debbie and Nicole Hallgrimson co-founded Elite School of Beauty in Vancouver, Washington.


The family history in the industry dates back to the 1950s when Debbie’s father, Jerome Manning, went to beauty school, fell in love with the business, became an instructor, and in 1966 purchased a beauty school in Vancouver.  Magee Brothers Beauty School began the 40-year legacy that would be passed down through generations. Though recently passed, Jerome is still a huge icon in the industry, having taught more than 50% of Vancouver hair stylists working today.


“We are fortunate to have learned under a master like my father and will continue to honor his good name by upholding his standards of excellence and utmost care and attention to students.”


–Debbie Hallgrimson

At Elite School of Beauty we go beyond the basics, teaching advanced skills that thoroughly prepare students for a successful career in cosmetology. Our instructors invite students to participate in advanced educational opportunities, including Fashion Focus Hair Show in Seattle, all while earning course credits.


With the attitude of already working in a salon atmosphere coupled with the training provided by our Elite instructors, students are more prepared for the workplace, able to quickly obtain jobs, and easily adapt to the salon dynamic.


“The work that these students are doing is professional salon work
in a professional salon atmosphere with an existing clientele.”
~Debbie Hallgrimson


“People don’t feel like they are in a beauty school.
We try to give students and clients the complete salon experience.”
~Nicole Hallgrimson

About Debbie Hallgrimson

Debbie has grown up in the beauty industry being born into a family of hair stylists. From helping to sweep up hair clippings as a little girl, to attending her father’s beauty school as a senior in high school, working as a stylist, then becoming an instructor—Debbie has maintained an excellent rapport in the industry for more than 35 years.  


Taught by the best, Debbie worked alongside both her mom and dad until their retirement. She then went on to open Elite School of Beauty with her daughter in 2011. Married for over 35 years to her husband Jeff, they share three children—Nicole, Brandon and Cameron—and four Grand-Children,  Mauricio, Kambria, Kahlynn and Julian.


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About Nicole Hallgrimson

Much like her mother, Nicole was born into the beauty industry. From the age of 16, Nicole worked as a receptionist in the family beauty school where her mom and grandparents instructed. She grew up loving hair and fashion and embraced the family legacy, graduating beauty school at the same time she graduated high school.


As an independent contractor working in an Oregon salon, Nicole developed a passion for cuts, color and extensions. Following the natural familial progression, Nicole became an instructor cadet in 2008 under the tutelage of two generations of family knowledge, which ultimately led to the co-ownership of Elite School of Beauty.


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