Elite School of Beauty

2613 NE 114th Ave

Vancouver, WA

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Why Elite?


  • 10 to 11 month full-time program
  • 1600 course hours
  • Quick and easy enrollment
  • Classes start every two months
  • Washington mandated instruction
  • WA and OR students welcome
  • Must be 17 years of age or older
  • No H.S. Diploma or GED required
  • Affordable in-house financing
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Busy salon with steady clientele
  • No models required
  • Small classroom setting
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Students make great tips they can apply towards tuition
  • State Board Licensing preparation
  • Our students boast 100% pass rate
  • Resume and interview skill building
  • Easy licensing transfer for OR students
  • Job placement assistance
  • Ample onsite free parking
  • Close to food, grocery & beauty supplies



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1600 Hour Cosmetology Course

10 to 11 Months

Tuesday thru Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

New Sessions every 2 months

During your 1600 hours of instruction, students learn basic hair cutting, shaping, styling, permanent waving, all chemical services, scalp and hair conditioning,  facials, make-up application, manicures, sanitation, safety, public health methods and occupational requirements.


300 Freshman Hours of Instruction

 Hair, Nails, & Esthetics


1300 hours of Clinical Instruction

Theory, All Practical Services,

& State Board Preparation in Cosmetology

Affordable Payment Plans

TOTAL—$6,800 includes:


Registration fee: $100

Kit fee: $700

Tuition: $6,000


Inquire about our three Flexible Payment Plans for as little as $330.00 per month


Upon completion of required hours by the state of Washington, students are eligible to take the state licensing exam to become a Licensed Cosmetologist.

Elite School of Beauty Course Curriculum

  1. Theory of the Practice of Cosmetology, Barbering, Manicuring and Esthetics
  2. Manicure—100 Clock Hours
    • Theory
    • First Aid as it relates to Manicure and Pedicure Service
    • Safety, disinfection, diseases and disorders of the nails, hands and feet
    • Manicure
    • Pedicure
  3. Esthetics—100 Clock Hours
    • Theory
    • First Aid as it relates to Esthetics
    • Skin care of the face, neck and hands
      • Hot Compresses
      • Stimulation
    • Facials
    • Temporary removal of superfluous hair
      • Tweezing
      • Waxing
      • Chemicals
      • Lotions
      • Creams
    • Safety, disinfection, diseases and disorders of the skin of the face
  4. Shampooing
    • Draping
    • Brushing
    • Scalp manipulations
    • Scalp treatments
    • Conditioning
    • Rinsing
  5. Scalp and Hair Analysis
    • Examination
    • Consultation 
    • Test
  6. Haircutting and Trimming
    • Examination
    • Consultation 
    • Test
  7. Hair Styling
    • Wet, dry and thermal styling
    • Sets
    • Braiding
    • Barbering
    • Styling aids
  8. Cutting and Trimming of Facial Hair
    • Beard and mustache design
    • Eyebrow, ear, and nose hair trimming
  9. Artificial Hair
    • Wigs
    • Hair pieces 
    • Fitting
  10. Permanent Waving
    • Sectioning
    • Wrapping
    • Pre-perm test curl
    • Solution application
    • Process test curl
    • Neutralizing
  11. Chemicals Relaxing 
    • Sectioning
    • Strand test
    • Relaxer application
  12. Hair Coloring and Bleaching
    • Predisposition
    • Test 
    • Strand test
  13. Disinfection
    • Individual work stations
    • Individual equipment & tools
    • Proper use of storage linens
  14. Disease and Disorders

    • Scalp
    • Hair
    • Skin
    • Nails
  15. Safety including proper use and storage of checmicals, implements and electrical appliances
  16. First Aid as it relates to cosmetology, barbering, manicuring and esthetics
  17. Practical Operations Requirement—no less than 450 practical operations are required for graduation, distributed as follows:
    • 250 Hair Practical Operations
    • 100 Esthetician (Facial) Practical Operations
    • 100 Manicure and Pedicure Operations

1600 Clock Hours

Must be Completed by Student

to Qualify for the State Examination


Elite Path to a Career in Cosmetology

Elite School of Beauty offers an intimate family oriented learning experience that prepares students for a promising career in cosmetology. Our Flexible Payment Options allow students to enroll swiftly and avoid the costly debt and hardship of repaying student loans upon certification.

Enrollment is as easy as:

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Pick your payment plan
  3. Start next session

Full-Time Program:

  • 10 to 11 months
  • Tuesday thru Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • 1600 course hours as required by the State of Washington
  • Classes start every 2 months
  • State of Washington does not require a H.S. Diploma or GED
  • Must be 17 or older
  • Oregon students welcome